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media & press

Winner Best Teahouse of Yelp Tampa Bay 2014

Kaleisia Tea Lounge voted best of Yelp Tampa Bay 2014 in Food & Cuisine category (best teahouse).  (Article link)

Vertical Tampa Bay Magazine

“…the story of Kaleisia is like the story of the Lotus. The Lotus grows from the mud through murky waters. Its flowers blossom pure and unstained. The idea of Kaleisia was like a journey from the mud, through murky water manifesting itself as pure, unstained BEAU-TEA.” (Article link)

TBO Tampa Tribune: Twilight Market

“Close to a dozen vendors with a focus on selling local organic, eco-friendly products set up shop in the open-air venue operated by the Urban Coalition of Tampa, a nonprofit grassroots organization built on creating a sustainable community.” (Article link)

Gulf Coast Business Review

“Kaleisia’s wholesale business grew out of its retail success. It now supplies tea to four Tampa Bay area businesses, including a supermarket and a coffee shop in Plant City, plus shops in Los Angeles and North Carolina.” (Article link)

Winner Earth Charter Sustainable Business Award

“The Sustainable Business Awards recognize local for-profit businesses in the Tampa Bay area engaged in practices that increase economic opportunities and improve the environment, employees and community. A sustainable business focuses on the well being of people, planet and profit.” (Article link)

PSFK Article: Of Tea and Carrotmobs

“Kaleisia Tea Lounge is one of fifty companies interviewed for the Wall Street Journal best-seller: Spend Shift: How the Post-Crisis Values Revolution is Changing the Way We Buy, Sell and Live.” (Article link)

C.A.R.D. Recognition: Outstanding Community Engagement

“The Center for Autism & Related Disabilities at the University of South Florida is a community-based project that provides information and consultation to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. Kaleisia was honored to receive recognition for organizing Gifts of Love Charity Event with 100% proceeds to benefit C.A.R.D. two years in a row. The Kaleisia Family Development Project was created in honor of Kaleisia.” (Article link)

Winner Tampa Bay Business Journal 30 Under 30 Award

This award recognizes rising stars in the Tampa Bay business community, celebrating successful entrepreneurs under 30. (Article link)

Finalist Tampa Bay Business Journal Businesswoman of the Year

Lan Ha named finalist for TBBJ’s award for her driving force within the company and her accomplishments. “As a small business, it was an honor to be competing with multi-milllion dollar corporations.” -Lan Ha (Article link)

Other Recognitions

Tampa Bay Business Journal Mosaic Award Winner
Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Award Winner
Tampa Bay Illustrated Magazine
Asia Trend Magazine
W.E.D.U. The Trendsetting Entrepreneur – Episode 9