Tea Workshops - Kaleisia Tea Lounge
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tea workshops

Our in-house tea specialist is a trained ceremonialist, available to perform formal ceremonies and host workshops in various settings.

The type of ceremony depend on the tea’s culture of origin.  The art and beauty of each performance is spoken through the performer’s attention to detail, etiquette, and skillful use of unique instruments.  For more information on booking our tea ceremonialist, please contact us so we may customize a workshop for you.


Chinese Tea Ceremony — “The Art of Tea”
Japanese Tea Ceremony — “The Way of Tea”
Korean Tea Ceremony — “Darye” or “Etiquette for tea”


Tea 101 (general workshop)
Taiwanese Oolongs (in-depth workshop)
Japanese Green Teas (in-depth workshop)
Japanese Matcha & Grading (in-depth workshop)


Japanese Tea Room
Museums, classrooms, libraries, festivals, group events & more